Professional care of the feet, hands, skin, oral cavity, intimacy, and non-healing wounds
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Pythium oligandrum in action
Pythium oligandrum in action
Pythium oligandrum in action

Smart Fungus - Pythium oligandrum

The microorganism Pythium oligandrum of the kingdom of Chromista – Stramenopila represents the dividing line between fungi and algae. With its fibres, Pythium oligandrum penetrates into the parasite cells (yeasts or fungi) and extracts the necessary nutrition substances out of it. As part of nutrition and spatial competition, the fungus thus displaces pathogenic fungi from the skin compartments. The essence of Pythium oligandrum is the production of enzymes and parasitizing on fungal microorganisms. After it accomplishes this task (depletion of a parasite), it disappears from the area (the human body is not a natural environment for Pythium oligandrum, and it unable to adapt to this environment), which allows its resettlement by common microflora.

Based on thirty years of research, we now introduce you products which have been verified in laboratory evaluations and tested in hospitals, clinics, and dermatologic centres. All this under the supervision of leading Czech medical microbiologists and dermatologists. The products have not manifested any negative side effects, not even among groups of subjects with impaired immune systems and children. For different kinds of products, various strains are used to best match the properties of a specific health condition. The products available on this website are sold in pharmacies in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

They are very effective even in case of ailments of vulnerable skin that are caused by fungi, such as psoriasis, atopic eczema, or diabetic wounds, where it mostly utilizes its enzymatic effects.